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Eyebrow Shaping Tools

Waxing, Brows, & Lashes

Waxing Services

Eyebrow                                                     $15.00

Chin                                                            $10.00

Lip                                                               $10.00

Full Face (including eyebrow)                $40.00

Underarm                                                  $25.00

Bikini                                                          $30.00

Bikini Plus                                                 $50.00

Brazilian                                                    $70.00

Half Leg and Bikini                                  $70.00

Half Leg                                                     $45.00

Full Leg                                                      $90.00

Back                                                            $50.00

Chest                                                          $30.00

Stomach                                                    $30.00

Waxing Information Guide


The hair in the bikini area should be a quarter-inch long if it’s fine and a half-inch long if it’s coarse. That means you’ll need to wax approximately every two to five weeks.


The morning before your appointment, take a nice thorough shower with gentle exfoliation.


We use two different types of wax: hard and soft. Both are effective, though many people find hard wax, which is usually used for the bikini area, less painful and request it.

Both waxes we utilize are cruelty-free products.


We recommend an exfoliating scrub the day before and advise not to apply body lotion the day of the wax.


If you’ve shaven recently, wait five days. And though the time does vary between waxes, depending on how quickly or coarsely the hair grows back, it’s best to wait around a month.


Although the pain does subside as soon as the wax is over, the area can remain sensitive, which is why we advise you not to use any scrubs for the next 48 hours and not to expose the area to direct sun for at least 24 hours. To treat redness or swelling, apply a small amount of cortisone cream.


After the tenderness has subsided, we recommend to exfoliate in the shower to remove dead skin so the pores don’t become clogged, causing ingrown hairs and bumps. If bumps do appear, “don’t squeeze or tweeze!”.


First and foremost, we at Verdure are very strict on utilizing proper sterilization procedures. All of our technicians are experienced, licensed, professionals.

Brows and Lashes

Eyebrow Tint--Hair color specially designed for use around the eye area is utilized to define eyebrows.  


Lash Tint--Hair coloring specially designed for use around the eye area is used to darken and deepen appearance of eyelashes.


Lash Lift--Specially designed solution creates a lift and separation in the eyelashes giving the illusion of fullness and curl.


Eyelash Tint & Lift--Lashes are tinted and curled to create the look of thick, full, and luscious lashes


Henna Brow Tint--All Natural Henna Dye is utilized to create depth and define eyebrows.


Henna Brow Design--Brows are shaped and deigned then All Natural Henna Dye is utilized to create and define eyebrows.



Microblading is a semipermanent eyebrow tattooing technique that creates the illusion of fuller, more evenly shaped brows.

Each session takes up to two hours.

You’ll need to touch-up treatments every 12- 24 months, as the color fades over time. 

  • Microblading fills out thin brows and makes them look more symmetrical. 

  • The tiny hairlike strokes can look natural.

  • It’s a semipermanent alternative for people who aren’t interested in getting eyebrow tattoos or an eyebrow transplant.

  • The procedure is safe for all skin types and tones.

  • People say the procedure was “Worth It” love the time they save getting ready every morning by not having to pencil in their brows. 

$450.00 - includes 1 touch-up session

Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Set

Classic eyelash extensions are where one extension is applied individually to one natural lash. This gives a classic lash set a 1:1 ratio.

$ 150

Hybrid Lash Set

Hybrid sets combine the classic and volume technique into one. In this method, some natural lashes get a single extension while others get multiple. Possessing the definition of the classic and the fluffiness of the volume, the hybrid set is the best of both worlds. This method provide the artist with more control and customizability.

$ 200

Volume Lash Set

 Volume lashes are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture.


Lash Fills

Fills must be done in 2-3 week intervals to ensure lash quality of appearance and fill pricing

Classic $75

Hybrid $100

Volume $125 

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