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channel your inner hairstylist with this shea butter infused, workable wax that provides high hold definition, resulting in a natural finish on wet or dry hair.

who it's for 

all hair is welcome! ideal for shorter styles, braiding, + sleek ponies.

why it's special

keep style on lock! this high hold wax has a buildable formula, and is a go-to when styling short hair, braids, or sleek ponies.

  • workable high hold: on lock keeps styles in place, while still having a flexible-feeling consistency that makes it easy to work through hair.
  • natural finish: infused with shea butter, this high hold wax leaves hair with a natural look and feel.
  • creates versatile looks: this hair wax is great for many different styles! from short hair looks, braids, sleek ponies, or any type of up-do—it’ll keep them all on lock

on lock high hold hair wax

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  • get a grip on your style:

    • for piecey waves, take a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub them together to warm and emulsify the wax. work through hair using your fingers for added definition. ​
    • apply half a pinky fingernail-sized amount of wax to the tips of your fingers before braiding, for a smoother look free of flyaways.
    • for a sleek pony, apply a dime-sized amount of wax onto the hairline and comb through with a dense brush to slick it back. secure with an elastic, then use any excess wax to tame flyaways.

    other hair hacks:

    • create clean partings -- run the wax along the part.
    • natural waves: on damp hair, apply wax and loose braid it, let it air dry or diffuse it.
    • on lock brings a softness to spikey pixies while keeping hold.
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