Additional Wellness Services

Wellness based services to compliment you spa day or be utilized individually to assist in a particular wellness need.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a form of alternative therapy in which the tapered end of an ear candle is placed in a person's ear while the other end of the candle is lit, in the belief that earwax and other impurities are drawn out of the ear canal by a partial vacuum created by the candle flame.

$40.00 per treatment (includes one candle per ear)

Paraffin Treatments

Paraffin Wax traps heat to the skin helping with issues like arthritis and fibromyalgia as well as opening pores and alleviating dead skin cells. This is a wonderful multi-purpose add-on to any spa day!

$25.00/each                            $50.00/both

Ionic Foot Detox

This treatment involves soaking your feet in a salt bath with an array mechanism that helps to alkalinize and detox the body. This service is best designed when done as a series in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices.


One Treatment                                                         $30.00

Series of 6 Treatments done 2x a week                               $120.00              

Reiki / ReikiSound™

Reiki is an ancient energy practice that works with the body's natural ability to heal itself through the Relaxation Response. The concept of Reiki is that we all have "life-force energy"/ Prana/ Chi within us and when this energy becomes blocked (by past/recent trauma, stress, poor lifestyle, etc.) the physical and energetic body will hold it in many ways including headaches, digestive issues, and muscle tension.

Reiki helps MOVE this energy from this blocked state so that it is easier for the receiver to release whatever is causing the blockage.

ReikiSound™ is Reiki with the use of sound such as signing bowls, rainstick, and tuning forks as well as to help move this energy and enhance the experience and is utilized in the sessions.

30 minutes                                         $35.00

60 minutes                                         $65.00 


Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them creates real benefits for the person's health.

30 minutes                                     $35.00

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